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Nice is Just a 4-Letter Word

A thought: This Sunday’s Guy’s Story could have just easily been called, ” The Day I Learned I Couldn’t Be Nice to Boys.” And the story would have worked just as well if Christian had been a woman and the girl in the story had been a guy (or 2 guys, or 2 women…). People, […]

I Needed a Laugh

Today’s post is a rerun. Sorry, I’ve done that a few times lately… I’m not able to write/haven’t been able to. When I thought of what I wanted to do about it, I thought I might skip today. And then I decided that since I needed a laugh, I’d repost something funny. But I Have […]
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A Chat with Dad

My dad isn’t a chatty guy, in general. And he’s one of those people who hates to talk on the phone.  I can recall many times when I’d be on the phone with my mom and she’d call out to him (usually from one part of the house to the other, loudly, as I come […]


A quick word on my meaning of successful.  Last night, as I was drifting off, I realized that I’ve used that word to describe a lot of the guys I go out with. When I say a guy is successful, I’m not talking about money. Sure, over the years, I’ve dated some guys who were […]
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