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My Date With the Very, Very Nice Man

“Back from my early date. He was a very, very nice man. A good guy. And cute. I wish I knew a very, very nice women to introduce him to.” I tweeted that last night, shortly after I got home from my date.  Just to be crystal clear, it was a perfectly fine date.  I […]

7 Ways to Let a Guy Down Easy

He likes you*.  Really, really likes you.  You can’t ignore it any longer. Lucky you. He’s such a nice guy, he is.  He’s just not, um, attractive. And this isn’t a case of all nice guys being unattractive (that’s so another post). No. It’s him.  He’s unattractive.  And oh, so, unsexy. At first you thought […]

No Dates this Weekend But…

I’ve decided to take the weekend off from dating, but things haven’t gone completely quiet. I received a very sweet next day email from the guy I went out with the other night (Sorry, no time for links right now. Just scroll down and read the last few posts). It was a completely blah date […]
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