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Another Week…

I wasn’t around much last week. Not online and not IRL. I was down in Miami for a conference for the second half of the week and that kept me super-busy. So, needless to say, I’m days behind on comments (and lots of other things). Sorry about that. I want to draw your attention to a […]

You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Here’s another one of those New York things that I’m not sure if people in other places can relate to.  I’m sorry if it’s too New Yorky.  It’s hard for me to tell. I was on a date recently and the guy was telling me that he’d recently moved to a new neighborhood.  Well, where […]
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There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

This is not a new topic, for me or for anyone else.  But it keeps coming up. And maybe now that our entire financial system is collapsing and so many of us have less disposable income than we used to, it’s an even bigger issue than before.  I don’t know.  I just thought it’d be […]

About Me

This is my old “About Me”.  I didn’t want to delete it or the comments that were left on that page on my old blogsite. I’m a 39 yr old single girl in New York City who dates a lot. That’s right, you read correctly, a 39-yr old single GIRL. When I was younger, in […]