Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

5 Things I Love About Being Single & Dating in New York City

I know, I know – I’ve used this blog on more than one occasion to vent about how difficult it can be for a woman (especially a woman in her late 30s) to date in NYC.  And it is hard. There are, by anyone’s count, more women that men here(although there is some debate as […]
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Speaking of Drinking

It was a little over a year ago.  We’d met online (surprise, surprise) and had a pleasant enough first date – drinks at a pub.  It was an awkward situation, because I was fresh from a pretty gruesome break-up and he had clearly lied about his age (His profile said 50, which was 13 years […]

Walking And Talking – A Day at the Museum

I’m a MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) member, which means I pay an annual fee and can then go as often as I like and take guests for a nominal fee.  This works out to be a great deal for me, as I visit the museum about once a month, sometimes more.  I might pop […]
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Waking Up With Someone Redux

Last night was my third date with Mr. Potential.  We’d been exchanging texts and emails all week, but as of Thursday afternoon we had no plans for a third date. I had no doubt that he liked me. He asked me to go out with him this past Monday, and I’d said no.  I had […]
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