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Women Want Love, Men Want Sex, I Want a Drink!

Last night, for the second time in a week, I heard a man make the following statement: Women Want Love, Men Want Sex Now, to be fair, the first guy who said it presented it as a question. He asked me (and another female friend) if we thought there was any truth to it.  The […]

Why Do Men In Their 40s Think I’m Old?

One of my new favorite reads is More Magazine.  Although, I’m officially out of their target demographic, at 39 I’m not quite “old enough” (they “celebrate women 40+”), hehe. The truth is that as much as I like some of the other mags for women, I feel left out. So many of the articles in […]

Dateable Redux

Humor me for a moment:  please click here Seinfeld: “Elaine, what percentage of people would you say are good-looking?” Julia Louis-Dreyfus: “Twenty-five percent?” Seinfeld: “Twenty-five percent?” Louis-Dreyfus: “Um-hmm.” Seinfeld: “No way! It’s like four-to-six percent. It’s a 20-to-1 shot.” Louis-Dreyfus: “You’re way off.” Seinfeld: “Way off?” Louis-Dreyfus: “Yeah.” Seinfeld: “Have you been to the motor […]

Public Service Announcement (Please Guys, These Looks Don’t Work On Anyone)

This started innocently enough.  I was out for beer and wings with Lostplum and Mirthful33 and there were a few cute boys standing not far from us (Lostplum spotted them first, go figure).  And I said, “Nah.  They would be cute.  But the one in the suit has a really bad $10 haircut and his […]

Old Habits Die Hard

I’ve written a few times about the type of men I used to date.  And the fact that I know that, in the long run, those relationships always go wrong.  No matter how much I like a guy or even how much he likes me, I’ve been down that road enough times to know there […]
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