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The Longer I Wait…

First, some housekeeping. Yes, it’s been a longass time. I make no claims about the near or distant future. I may get back into blogging. Or I may not. Either way, it would be wrong to say I’m turning over a new leaf or re-committing to this. One day at a time. Oh, and I’m […]
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The Things We Remember

What do you remember from your life? I’m a fairly reflective person. I say fairly reflective because I have know idea where I’d fit on a scale from Not Very Reflective to Very Reflective (if this were a survey).  I mean, really, how does anyone ever know what’s average and what’s more or less than […]

You Don’t Have To Sleep With Him

It was maybe 15 years ago. More or less.  Whatever. It was a big, festive family occasion. A party that drew family members from 3 boroughs and the burbs. Most everyone was on their best behavior. People were getting along, or sitting far from the relatives they just couldn’t deal with. At some point I […]

Pop Rock Love

Tighten your seatbelts kids, it’s going to be a bumpy week. I can feel it. Must be the weather. To keep me focused and emotionally stable, I’ve started to look forward to an end of week lunch at one of my new favorite restaurants, which shall remain nameless (because I don’t want the place to […]

Stories Change

A few days ago I mentioned a research study involving divorced women. According to an article detailing the study, “30 percent of now-divorced women say they knew in their gut they were making a mistake as they walked down the aisle — and kept walking anyway.” It’s easy to guess why this might be so. […]