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Is The Universe Trying to Tell Me Something?

So a few weeks(?) ago I got a message from some guy on OkCupid. He seemed smart, funny, cute and familiar. Like we’d met already. I couldn’t place him, though. So I replied to his message and said, straight out, You seem familiar, is it possible that we’ve met? A couple of days passed and […]

The Short Answer

It’s funny, I’m always so afraid to write the same stuff over and over, for fear of being repetitive. Well, I am repetitive. The subject matter I cover here on this blog is pretty narrow.  I try not to be too repetitive. Anyway, twice in the last week I’ve been specifically asked to talk about […]

So Here Are the Numbers

If online dating really is a numbers game, then I gotta believe that maybe, just maybe, the current numbers are in my favor.  As I mentioned last week, my inboxes were filling up just as soon as I updated my profiles on Chemistry and Match. And I do mean filling up.  I ended up letting […]

And the Winner Is…

Remember that fun Valentine’s Day giveaway I was doing with In order to win, people had to answer the following question: If you had to choose one over the other (love vs. weight loss), which would you prefer and WHY? There were lots of great answers, and I had a hard time deciding which […]
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Ping Ping Ping (Enough Already)

All morning long that’s all I’ve been hearing: ping, ping, ping.  It’s the sound my iphone makes every time I get a new message and it’s driving me crazy. What’s caused this flood of new emails, you ask?  Well, last night I refreshed my accounts with Match and Chemistry. As I mentioned, is giving […]