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Yes, I’m Really Excited About This

Weirdest intro ever. Just saying. In advance. I live in my head. OK. I live in a smallish one bedroom apartment in Manhattan. Alone. And I work at home. Alone. That’s my physical reality. But really, I live IN. MY. HEAD. All that alone time doesn’t spell loneliness. Not so much. I’ve mastered the alone […]

Do You Want to Get Married?

Did I ever tell you about the time I called a matchmaker? No, I’m pretty sure I haven’t. I was 34. I know that because I remember exactly where I was sitting when I made the call. I was having lunch at my desk, in my new temporary office, at a new job. It was […]

Bachelor #1

Happy Thursday folks.  Hope you’re all enjoying your day so far. If not, hopefully this will perk you up.  I have a story from a new-ish, fun blog – Dates With Kate. You should check it out. Bachelor #1 Officially this was Bachelor #1. I was not at all feeling comfortable being back in the […]

Online Dating Story Du Jour

So yesterday was the day that everyone wrote about’s new screening policy: Starting soon, they’ll be checking their users against the sex offender registry. So not so much du jour as d’hier. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see this as a huge deal. I’m not going to feel any safer knowing that all […]

A Quickie from the Sick Chick

So I’m still sick.  Yeah, really.  I finally got to the doctor yesterday.  Seems my, “no fever = not really sick” theory was a load of bullshit. So I was sent home with a stack of prescriptions and directions to call back in 3 days if I wasn’t starting to feel better and to come […]