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The Last to Know

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned, I do actually have friends who are in happy, healthy, relaitonships – married and otherwise.  Not too long ago I got a call from one of them.  My friend was uber-stressed out about some issues at home and wanted to vent (married 10ish years, I think, I can never remember […]
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How Am I Supposed To Answer That?

So I was exchanging emails with a friend I hardly ever see.  It’s not because she lives far away.  She doesn’t.  She’s right here in the city.  But like so many of my old friends (READ-people I’ve known since my 20s) she’s married and works a gazillion hours a week and so we really don’t […]
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Weird Facts

Every once and a while I end up being my dad’s date for dinner.  It’ll be me and him and several couples his age.  People he would have gone to dinner with with my mom if she were still alive (She passed away less than a year ago, and so we’re still transitioning.  Figuring out […]
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And Then There Were None

A friend of mine got married last weekend.  I’m very happy for her.  Very happy.  I’m saying this without a trace of cynicism or jealousy.  She’s completely in love with the guy and he’s completely in love with her and I think they’ll be very happy together. There is little part of me, though, that […]
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Mr. Newlywed’s Story

It’s Sunday again (yeah) and that means we have the pleasure of hearing from a guest writer.  BTW, if you’re interested in reading through all of the “Guy’s Stories” you can do so by clicking on that big blue tag above the title. This week our guest author is Mr. Newlywed. The Lies You Tell […]
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