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Thought I’d Share

I know that (some of) my long-term readers are tired of hearing me vent about this. But it’s a topic that other people keep bringing up. I’d be perfectly happy to let it die. Really. Before I go on, and just for clarity, here is how I feel about marriage and the whole, “this is […]

More Than Just Poor Planning

I was at a friend’s party, and at one point in the evening I found myself sitting with a bunch of other women. Most of us had met before, but none of us knew each other well. Somehow, I have no idea how (I was chatting with someone about something else) the conversation got down […]

How Long Should You Date Before Marriage?

Marriage, and the decision to marry, intrigues me. I was never one of those girls who dreamed about her wedding. Never flipped through bridal magazines and stared longingly at the big white dresses. Not my thing. But marriage, as a theory and an institution, that’s something I think about. Kinda the way I think about […]

Can We Call It a Trend?

OK, let me start out by saying that until a couple of years ago I pretty much never read girly mags. Not that there’s anything wrong with them. I think they’re lots of fun. I just didn’t. I worked a gazillion hours a week (at my old career) and in my leisure time I read […]

“If I had to be married to have sex, I would probably be married, as would every guy I know.”

So, one of the many cool things I saw/read via twitter yesterday was this article in YourTango, 5 Reasons We’re Marrying After 30.  30, I guess, is considered “old” by lots of people and  the current average age of people getting married is 27.1 for men and 25.3. I gotta be honest, those numbers seem […]