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Vive la Difference. But are we really that different?

I’m trying to get better about using Facebook. I know that there are many (strange) people who actually prefer it to twitter, or who don’t (gasp) use twitter. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a twitterholic. I came late to FB. In fact, I started to use it about a year after I […]


No, not that kind of cheating.  I’m cheating, as in not really doing my work, with today’s post.  It’s Friday which usually means a list.  But I’m still sleep deprived and can’t make my brain work so good.  So instead of writing a crappy list I will instead share with you some really funny dating […]
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Battle of the Sexes????

I’m a big fan of Naked with Socks On.  It’s a smart, funny and brutally honest site.  Nobody over there is trying to say the right thing (which makes me happy, as I think we all suffer when people say what they think we want to hear, instead of what they think is right). Anyway, […]
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Getting Around

I’ve been meaning to post this for days but, well, oh who am I kidding?  My “reason” is that I’ve been spending 12+ hours a day working on the whole find myself a new way to make a living project. In case anyone’s interested there are things I’ve written in a couple of a few […]
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