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A Matter of Trust (Trust?)

I was supposed to have a date with Mr. Nicepost tonight.  Was.  I got an email from him early this afternoon saying that he was sick.  The flu.  He suggested we get together Friday.  But I have family stuff this weekend and so… People get sick all of the time.  It happens. And yet my […]

So, I’m Gonna Go There

Last week I mentioned how weird this was for me, trying to negotiate my new reality (gosh that sounds so dramatic).  My new reality = I’ve met a guy who I like and we’ve gone on a couple of dates and because I immediately knew he was the kind of person who’d get it/be cool […]
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7 Things Women Won’t Tell Men

Earlier this week I told you about that Dating Boot Camp I attended and the list they had of Things Men Won’t Tell You.  It got me to thinking of all of the things that I haven’t told men over the years, but wished they knew.   You know, the stuff that would actually make them […]

Long Distance and Lies

Today seems to be the day for long stories.  I decided I wanted to keep this one as a whole, rather than split it into Parts 1 and 2, so it is a little longer than your average blogpost. (Dear readers, every Sunday I will be featuring stories written by guest male bloggers.  To see […]
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The 8 Biggest Lies I’ve Been Told By Men

The name of this blog is Sex, Lies and Dating in the City, but it’s been a while since I’ve written specifically about lies. I thought it might be fun (fun?) to make a little list of the biggest lies I’ve been told by men.  You can click on the links to read the detailed […]
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