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Look at Her Kissing Another Guy In Front of the Restaurant

So last nights’ date was weird. Good weird, but weird.  I think the only way to tell the story is to jump into the middle. Please try to stay with me. So me and Mr. Perfect on Paper were laughing and drinking and talking at one of my favorite local wine bars. It’s a place […]

My Rules of Attraction

A couple of days ago, Lucky Girl wrote a very smart post called My Rules of Attraction.  Her basic premise is that physical attraction is important.  Not the most important thing, but very important.  Here’s how she sums it up: “I think my point is that I can not think of an instance where I […]

The Worst Great Date Ever

I had a date on Saturday night.  A first date.  It was, in so many ways, the best first date I’ve had in years. It was also the worst date (first or otherwise) I’ve had in years. And now I’m utterly confused and miserable. Because it was just so nice to spend time with a man […]

Kissing and Telling (and other things that bloggers do)

I was thinking yesterday as I read a post on someone else’s blog (I’m not going to say who, this isn’t about pointing fingers) that I really don’t get it.  This blogger had written some things that seemed to me to be the equivalent of a kid standing in the middle of a playground, stripping […]
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Never Been Kissed

Alright, let’s see if I can pull together all of the random things I’m thinking right now (this is part poll/part rant).  By now, I doubt there are too many people who don’t know who Susan Boyle is.  I first saw the clip of her singing last week and I think I actually got teary-eyed. […]
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