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A Break from the Bitchfest! The Single Edition Radio Show

So, if any of you follow me on twitter or facebook (and if you don’t, WTF not?) then you’ve heard me moan about my email issues. Like everyone else in the modern world, I get too damn much of it. This really stresses me out, because I’m more than a little anal. And I pretty […]

A Slip of the Tongue

I had two good friends over for dinner last night (How Very Lucky and Jack from Brooklyn) and we were talking about, well, everything. Life, love, music, work, family, politics… you name it we talked about it.  At some point, as a tangent to what we were talking about, I told a story about a […]

Never Love Someone More Than They Love You… What about the opposite?

So I was talking with a friend, catching up (I know it sounds like all I do is date and socialize, but that’s just because I leave the other parts of my life off the blog. In reality, I haven’t seen much of my friends lately, and I’ve been missing them). Somewhere in our conversation […]


It was yesterday, I think.  I was cruising past my twitter stream and I saw a conversation in progress.  Jack from Brooklyn was saying something (smart) about the fact  that decent/real men shouldn’t need to make their women feel insecure.  That a strong man would be making the woman in his life feel strong. At […]


Last week I got together with a couple of friends, LuckyGirl and JackfromBrooklyn, and since we all happen to be dating/relationship bloggers we talked a bit about relationship stuff.  One of the really smart things that came up in that conversation was that it was important to know and be able to tell the difference […]