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Long-Term Single

I’m a chronic insomniac (and I’ve tried all kinds of things, many prescribed by doctors, to deal with this). One of the things I do to cope is to lie in bed and listen to podcasts. Sometimes, I’ll drift off to sleep. Other times, I’ll just lie in bed for hours and listen. But at […]

Don’t Talk to Her, She’s a Slut

I often joke about my lousy memory. And it’s true, I have a really bad memory. But sometimes, stories pop to the surface. Nearly whole, with just the haze of time and knowledge. This is one of those stories… My elementary school was one of the smallest in the district, and unlike most kids, I didn’t […]

Speaking of The Fade???

So, yesterday, me and the other fab members of the Insomniac club explored the fade. Some of my fellow bloggers defended the fade as a legitimate way to peacefully end a relationship. Others were violently opposed to the practice. So here’s what I want to know – how do you feel about it?  Do you […]

Don’t Say Hello

Before I begin today’s topic, just a quick mention that this is another Insomniac Club post. You can follow along in real time via twitter using the #insomniaclub hashtag. Don’t Say Hello There are things I wish I could say to men on the first date. Before the first date. Telepathically as they first lay eyes on me. […]

The Insomniacs Club

Good morning (nearly noon) everyone.  Funny how things work out. We’ve had this Insomniacs Club post scheduled for nearly a week, and I was up for most of the night, tossing and turning. Anyway…  today is the start of a new experiment in group participation.  The very talented Alex over at The Urban Dater did […]