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Aw Hell, I’m Just Going to Tell You the Story. Screw the Consequences.

So last night started out with a quick, cheap, yummy local working dinner with Lostplum (I am blessed to live within 5 blocks of a dozen amazing, low-price restaurants and so don’t feel too guilty about going every once and while – even though I probably should). We are now officially “working together”. More news […]

Too Much and Not Enough

I did meet one man during my free weekend on Match.  We’ve been emailing just about every day, and earlier this week he asked me out for Friday (last) night.  I said no. I had 2 things on my calendar for last night and was looking forward to both – a party and a friend’s […]
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New Year’s Eve Update

Just moments after I woke up this morning I received a text from Mr. Potential, “Honey, I’m home.”  (He flew home on the red eye.)  I thought it was funny on many levels.  I sent him a “Welcome home” reply. I’m only working until mid-afternoon today.  Then, the plan is, I’m going straight to Mr. […]
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Constructing a Life

He was a decent guy. I mean decent in all of the traditional ways. He was close to his family, socially aware and seemed to be full of genuine goodwill towards his fellow man. Plus he was cute as hell, a drummer and spoke perfect French (yeah, I’m enough of an elitist – I’m learning […]