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Attraction is a funny thing. Well, funny might be the wrong word here. But I’m trying to curse less. I’m just constantly amused and amazed by human attraction. It’s WEIRD. Really fucking weird. OK, so much for cursing less. So here’s a little story about attraction (sloppy segue, sorry, I’m tired). I was out one […]

That’s So Hot. (A List of What is and What isn’t Sexy)

So I was out last night at a little tweetup, having fun, when all of a sudden it hit me – wow, our group was made up of a lot of pretty damn sexy individuals.  Now I’m not saying this just to fluff a bunch of egos.  Not at all.  It’s just what I was […]

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda(?)

It might be hard for people who don’t live here to imagine this, but New Yorkers bump into people they know all of the time.  Sure, it’s a BIG city.  But it’s also just a collection of neighborhoods. This morning, as I was out fetching milk (for my coffee), I bumped into a guy I […]

Monday Morning Blahs

I miss Spring.  Just last week it was winter and then yesterday it was too hot to sleep.  Yes I have an air conditioner. But I was too stubborn to turn it on.  It’s April.  We’re not supposed to need our air conditioners in April. So because the universe has decided that we no longer […]
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