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Somewhat Topical

I love  It’s one of my favorite websites.  I don’t often actually send cards from there.  I just like to read them.  They make me smile. I was surfing the net during the less scintillating bits of the inauguration and I found one that said, “This inauguration feels like the first date with a […]
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Gosh, I’m a Loser

I always say it’s stupid to get your hopes up.  I’ve chastised friends for getting excited about first dates with people they’ve met online.  I mean, the chances of the person being even half as cool in person as they seem online (and/or over the phone) are just so slim. But here I am, completely […]
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Is Hope Bad?

I had a good date last night. Really good. We first connected online a few weeks ago. I winked at him. Yeah, I know, winks are cheap and pathetic. It’s not that I’m too cheap to send a message (I’m currently using a site that has a pay per message plan. I promise to dedicate […]