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Taking It One Day (or Workout) at a Time with Gaiam TV

Earlier this week I wrote about not having any New Year’s Resolutions, because I reject that story. That a new year brings rebirth and renewal. Fake beginnings and endings. Here’s my story:  One day at a time. Life is what happens when you’re busy planning. And how you react to it. And all kinds of crazy […]

After the War

Just because I’ve been kinda out of commission lately doesn’t mean I haven’t mean paying attention to the world around me. OK, well… the truth is I’ve been paying very selective attention. Less energy has meant getting picky about these things and one of the first things to go was, funny enough, social media. Not […]

6 Weeks

I’ve had a rough 6 weeks. Understatement. I’ve had a really crappy six weeks. And although it makes me feel kinda queasy, I want to share the why behind it, in the hopes that some people can relate, identify, whatever. Because I know that sometimes I feel very alone in this shit. As any regular […]

Diving Back In

Bizarre factoid I read over the weekend –  in any 48-hour period in 2010, more data was created than had been created by all of humanity in the past 30,000 years.   Deep breath. I just took a couple weeks off from blogging. From blogging and from my blog-related social media stuff, for the most part. It […]

Silly Science

No, I’m not making a statement on the health benefits of protein diets. C’mon people, cream pies – it’s funny! And it’s what came to mind as I was pondering the theme of silly science. Or rather, scientific theories that we outgrow as new data becomes available. On that note, I was happy to see […]