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Perspective. Yeah That.

Had to share, even if it makes me queasy. I had a medical appointment with a new doctor. A second opinion I should have had long ago. Why didn’t I have it sooner? 1) I thought I was getting pretty good care 2) I did actually make this appointment MANY months ago. Getting in to […]

You Are Not Alone (and other nice things people say)

So… I kinda disappeared again. I’ve been trying so hard to figure out what to do with this blog. I don’t want to kill it. Not really. But the life I have now, and will have for the foreseeable future won’t really be a life I want to blog much about. No sex or dating […]
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What You Don’t Know Can Kill You (and your relationships)

Hey kids, remember me? I’ve been around-ish. Some days I have big bursts of energy and get all excited about re-entering this world. Then I update facebook, reply to a tweet or 2 and before I know it my energy fizzles. Anyway… I kinda have something I want to blog about today. I’ll try to […]

Dating With Disabilities – Supersmart Conversation

First  – Thank you Thank you Thank you to Dennis for hanging out here and sharing his amazing stories with everyone. I’ve been reading (RSS y’all) and loving them. And resting and trying to take care of myself. Doing what I need to do and shit. I just wanted to poke my head in to […]

Be Back When I’m Back

I’ve been pretty damn scarce lately. Here, on twitter, fb, email (yes, I might just owe you an email). And I’m really tired of telling you all that I’ve got “health stuff” going on. So I figured I’d tell you an almost funny and completely true story from the past few weeks. One that seems […]