Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

Redefining Butterflies

I think too much, plain and simple.  Always have. I had insomnia as a child, no joke. I’d stay up all night and think – why lie – worry. And I still do. It’s who I am.  This doesn’t mean I’m an unhappy person.  I’m not.  It just means I’m the kind of person who […]

OK With Being Number 2 (Get your minds out of the gutter)

I was listening, recently, to a story of a married couple that seems to have everything.  Health, wealth, kids – the whole nine yards.  And they’re even pretty damn happy.  The only little issue mucking up their perfect world is that the husband works a lot.  And, in truth, his career will always come first. […]

Happiness + Time

As some of you know, I also have a tumblr blog (there’s a link to it on my header). I don’t post there often. I’m kinda a tumblr slacker. But I love the platform. The other day I was trying to catch up on my tumblr browsing (something I’ll never do) and I read this […]
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Things Friends Say

Another thing most of you don’t know about me, unless you “know” me IRL – I can’t text for shit.  Seriously, any text I send is guaranteed to have at least one incorrect word.  I say incorrect instead of misspelled because I use an iphone which has that handy autocorrect feature.  So when I mistype […]
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I’m a Lousy Actress

So last night, after I posted my rant/post, I decided to take a long, hot shower and give myself a facial.  I figured that would help get my head into dating space. But it didn’t work.  Neither did listening to some of my favorite snap out of it music.  My mind was stuck in a […]
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