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Do You Check Out The Ex?

You know how some topics just seem to keep coming up? Over and over. Well lately it seems like wherever I look, people are talking about their partner’s ex.  Specifically they’re facebook stalking the exes, or obsessing about the ex in some other way. I gotta say, I find this BIZARRE. Not in a judgy […]
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Why Do You Ask?

First, let me state that this post is not meant to offend anyone.  Anyone who reads it and is subsequently offended should, perhaps, set aside some time for self-reflection as the only people who would be offended by this post are those who are full of shit.  And if you’re full of shit and I’m […]
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Some Things Are Worth Repeating – Be Safe

I know that only a small percentage of my readers read the comment threads (hey, it’s your loss, sometimes the comments are the best part of the post).  Well, I take my comments very seriously, try to respond appropriately and even take people’s advice when I think it’s appropriate (some of the changes I’ve made […]
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