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Talking to Myself

Last night I got the chance to take a good look at my past.  A good, close-up look.  Even have a little chat with my old self.  It was bizarre. Here’s the story – I went out to dinner with friends (mini update – I’m still out of town, staying with friends). Early in the […]

…the enemy of the good."

I’m lounging around my apartment listening to podcasts (I’m so completely addicted to podcasts).  Most of them are from NPR or the BBC.  Anyway, I just finished listening to one on the healthcare debate and one of the talking heads quoted President Obama’s usage of the phrase, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of […]
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Easy, Simple and Good

Yesterday, after I got home from spending the night with Mr. Potential (followed by a long, cozy morning in bed and then a wonderful brunch) I spent some time on the phone, catching up with a good friend. At the end of the call, after my friend and I had gone over all of the […]
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