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Good Sex Bad Sex

From: Inquiring Mind Subject: Good Sex Bad Sex Message Body: I’ve looked at your blog and seen a lot on good sex and bad sex. Could you break it down for me as to what is good sex and what men you’ve had great sex with do differently than the ones who were not so […]

Important Things I’ve Learned from One Night Stands

I can still remember the conversation.  I’d met a friend for happy hour at the Boathouse in Central Park.  Not a usual hang out, but it was the first really warm day of summer and we wanted to be outside and enjoy the park. It had been weeks since we’d spoken and the first thing […]

The Best Sex of Your Life Giveway – We Have a Winner

As promised, will be sending one of my lucky readers a copy of The Best Sex of Your Life. The winner of this giveaway is Sandyvs (and not just because she entered twice). Thanks to everyone for entering, and please keep playing.  I have several more giveaways coming up in the next few months. […]

How To Find A Great F*Buddy (it ain’t easy), Part 1

So, one of yesterday’s funnier comments started with this, “The cherry on this delusional, self-important sundae is how you think meeting a guy online interested in no strings sex is an accomplishment.” Actually, I do.  As I might have mentioned, I’ve had the same fuckbuddy for years.  We have pretty awesome sex, every time.  Get […]

Sex Myths(?) aka Late Afternoon Ramblings

I’m always curious about articles that claim to be debunking commonly held myths.  My first question is always, ‘how many people actually believe these myths’?  Anyway, that’s me and how my mind works.  Always questioning. Today there was an article in YourTango called Top Myths Men (and Women) Have About Sex.  The premise was that […]
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