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The Weekend

This weeks Guy’s Story comes to us from Opinionated Gift.  It’s a two part story, and I for one am very curious to see how it will end.  Every Sunday I have posts from male guest authors. “My best friend from high school and I were fairly inseparable in junior and senior year. We lived […]
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But You’re A Cashier

There’s this Seinfeld episode where Jerry gets dumped by his girlfriend after she goes to see his act and doesn’t think he’s funny.  She tells him that she can’t date anyone who’s work she doesn’t respect.  His response is, “but you’re a cashier”.  I think the funniest line in the episode is his reply, “but you’re a […]

I Said the Word, Redux

I used to throw that word around without thinking too much about it.  Boyfriend.  No big deal.  Just a guy I was dating. A guy I was sleeping with. And then one day, a few years ago, it hit me.  There were men who I’d called my boyfriend who probably didn’t reciprocate.  In other words, […]
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