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Stories are shaped by the way we tell them. There are the facts, and then the way we present the facts. Our attitudes and prejudices. I could tell this story a few different ways,  each with it’s own spin. I’m not sure which would be right.  Instead I’ll just try to throw it all out […]

More Games or Is This the Real Law of Attraction?

Last night was another Twitter girls night out.  Me, Lostplum, @meghanberes, and @damiella all met up for lychee martinis down on the LES (Lower East Side for out-of-towners).   As we were getting ready to leave I checked my iphone and saw this message: “I wanted to say that you looked really nice today! And I […]

7 Things I Think Are More Important Than Game

Earlier this week I was having a conversation with a couple of my female friends about guys and game.  The gist of the conversation was this – if a guy really has no confidence/can’t talk to girls AT ALL and he feels that, for whatever reason, spending lots of money on one of those “skills […]

Pretty Day, Ugly Thoughts Redux

Damn, I’m in an unusually ponderous mood.  I blame the weather. I’ve been trying for days to wrap up my thoughts on this with a nice little bow.  I thought I should because it’s an issue I’ve raised many times before, and now it’s so very timely.  The “it” in that sentence being the relationship […]

It’s Game Time

I’m just full of surprises.  This week we have a second/bonus guest post from Blair Hickman (a chick, it’s shocking), one of my buddies over at Ignighter. Frequent readers of this blog should be amused by the topic. “At Avenue this weekend, one of those lounges without a name on the door that coddles mainly […]
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