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Am I Intimidating or Are You Intimidated?

Recently Kelli Lawless did a great post on her blog around the idea that certain women were considered intimidating men (and why that might be). I commented with my 2 cents and have been interested to see how the comment stream evolved. One of the reasons I found this post particularly compelling was its timing. […]

A Post-Thanksgiving Post

I didn’t spend Thanksgiving with my family this year.  Instead I chose to spend the day with friends.  We had a pretty traditional Thanksgiving meal and a wonderful and relaxing day. But unlike the friends I celebrated with, my family isn’t far away.  They’re local.  Less than an hour away, Well, I say “they” but […]
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Public/Private: Drawing Lines

So I’m away this weekend. Well, I’m still away and it’s Monday and so it’s more of a long weekend.  I tweeted about it on Friday as I dealt with airport chaos, delayed flights and screaming children but have been pretty quiet since then. I’m still not entirely comfortable sharing too many details of my […]
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People Change

People change, but not always the way we want them to.  I’m just going to throw that out there as a starting point. I apologize if I’ve already told this story, or parts of this story.  A long, long time ago I was a young college student.  Not a young, naive college student.  I don’t, […]

What’s In Your Mirror?

Last night I was out drinking with a couple of my very smart friends.  We were talking about dating and relationships (really, I do talk about other things, sometimes). and @iamalejandra said (to someone else, not me), “Let me ask, who do you see when you look in your mirror?  I think that every time […]
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