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Building Love

Yesterday was moving day for me. I’m in my new place, with all of my furniture and most of my stuff. Some stuff didn’t make it into the moving truck.  My movers overlooked my favorite lamp (and I was too freaked out to realize) plus a big suitcase and some bags full of towels.  And […]

Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien

A couple of people, upon reading People Change, commented that at least I wouldn’t have any regrets. And that’s for sure.  I’ll never wonder what happened to that ex.  What might have been. Nor will he. And that’s pretty much the way I tend to live my life, when it comes to relationships. Pursuing every […]
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Life Doesn’t Let You Choose

A friend was talking about the changes in his life over the past few years. Major changes. He’d lost a relationship, a career, a family member, had major health issues… And yet, he isn’t distraught. Because right now he’s living a life of creativity and challenge. Doing things he always dreamed of doing. He’s excited, […]

A Short Funny Story.

Well, it was funny to me. As I’ve said, many times, I have a lousy memory. Pitiful. I can be looking straight at a person who I’ve met several times and not be able to remember his/her name.  It sucks. But, I can remember faces.  And have a pretty easy time remembering where I know […]

Not Your Ordinary Run of the Mill Crush

I’m starting to really lurve Thursdays.  This week’s guest post comes from @bethm411. Beth blogs at Midwestern Girl dating in her  *yipes* 30′s. Not Your Ordinary Run of the Mill Crush In November 2009, I went out to drinks with one of my best friends, Marcy, for her birthday.  She invited a few colleagues, none that […]