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Do You Talk or Flirt?

I’ve got 3 scenarios for you: You’re in a public place – bar, restaurant, party… and you make eye contact with an attractive person. S/he comes up to you and says hello. No cheesy lines. Just hello.  Do you have an actual conversation or just flirt? And is there a difference? You meet someone online […]

He Flirts with the Furniture

I have no idea what made me think of him, now, but… the mind works in weird ways. I used to know this guy. It’s been over a decade since he left the city, and years since we lost touch. I think he might be living outside the US somewhere. None of which is relevant. […]

Some Lipstick Would Help

A couple of days ago I found myself accidently flirting with a man in the drugstore. I hadn’t planned it. Seriously. If I had, I would’ve been dressed better and wearing some make-up.  Lipstick at the very least. But no, I’d just wandered in on my way home from a lunch meeting.  An informal lunch […]

An Experiment

I’m not bragging, but I do look pretty damn good for my age.  I get hit on by younger guys all the time.  And it’s not because I’m smoking hot (I’m not).  I’m an attractive women who happens to look about 10 years younger than she is. Anyway, I have this habit of bringing up […]
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Dear Very Cute Boy

Dear Very Cute Boy Who I Was Talking To The Other Night, By my guestimates you are probably too young for me.  I’d say by at least 5 years.  Maybe more? But I smiled at you and you saw my smile and immediately came over and introduced yourself (Even though I was talking to another […]
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