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He’s Just Not That Into Me

The weekend before last I had a really great 1st date. And then hours later the guy left town for work.  We’d been in touch while he was away, exchanged a simple – that was fun, let’s get together again email volley. And now he’s back.  Or rather, I think he is.  He was due […]

Counting the Times

Sometimes it must seem like I keep these laundry lists of every awful guy I ever dated and every horrible thing they did, to which I keep referring back to.  I don’t mean it to seem like that.  I’m just an unusually reflective person and have a habit (maybe it’s a bad habit) of rethinking […]
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And So I Went to the Date Naked

Saturday was a busy day for me.  I woke up and did some yoga (I’m currently practicing at home.  I’m still recovering/regaining my strength from my injury this winter.) and then did a couple of hours of work.  Then I took a few minutes to call a new guy I’d been chatting with from OKC.  […]

That’s the Way, Uh-huh Uh-huh

I had a damn near perfect first date on Sunday. We were batting about times and I specifically said that I was available during the day.  So he suggested that we go for a walk on the highline (he lives nearby) and then go for brunch.  It sounded like a great idea to me, weather […]
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Learning The Hard Way

There are a lot of dating blogs out here on the interwebz.  Lots of blogs.  Lots of bloggers.  Lots of advice.  I don’t tend to give much advice.  And when I do it’s usually the product of a hard-learned lesson. I’m willing to tell you what I know doesn’t work (because I’ve failed miserably) and […]