Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

Back to It – a Quick Online Dating Update

So I spent some this weekend cleaning up my online dating inboxes and actually searching through the hundreds of men who came up as my potential “matches”.  I sent out some emails, replied to some emails, and lo and behold, I hope I’m on my way to having a couple of dates this week. I gotta […]

I Can’t Breathe

As I’ve mentioned before, M knows about this blog. He has, on occasion, even commented on random posts (and yes, they were about him).  He doesn’t read it everyday, but it would be wrong for me to write much about what I’m thinking and feeling right now. So I won’t go into too much detail. […]

Finding the Right Words

First, Thank you. Thank you to everyone who sent emails/messages over the last few days.  And thank you for coming back and checking in on the blog after my little temper tantrum on Friday. I was in a bad place.  I took a couple of days off to think and to live and it helped. […]

The Worst Great Date Ever

I had a date on Saturday night.  A first date.  It was, in so many ways, the best first date I’ve had in years. It was also the worst date (first or otherwise) I’ve had in years. And now I’m utterly confused and miserable. Because it was just so nice to spend time with a man […]

93% is Really High

I had a date tonight.  It was my first “real” date in about two months, I think.  I’m not exactly sure about how long it’s been, I guess I could check the blog archives and come up with an exact date.  And there has certainly been some date-like activity (but that’s so another story and […]