Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

I Am Officially Too Old For Games

I am officially too old for games. Really.  I am.  This isn’t a chronological thing.  It’s a state of mind.  And my mind is made up.  I. AM TOO. DAMN. OLD. FOR GAMES. I know there are people who think that dating is really one big game.  And that in this game there are winners […]
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Dating Doesn’t Always Suck

Recently I received a comment, not sure from where or who, that it would be nice to read some positive stories on my blog.  I get that, I do.  And luckily I’m in a position to oblige. Yesterday morning I received a completely out of the blue, unsolicited email from The Musician. He left for […]
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Tell Me You Love Me

External validation is one of those bizarro things.  A need that many humans have but most of us wish we didn’t (like a constant craving for chocolate that can never be sated).  In self-help land you’ll frequently hear people talk of letting go of the need for external validation. Because, of course, we should all […]
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Is There Something in the Water?

I like men.  I really do.  And I want to like dating. But sometimes the men I date make it virtually impossible to like them or dating. I agree with everyone who left comments.  The guy who was late on Saturday blew his chance. Enough said about that.  Sadly, he wasn’t the only man in […]
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Two Out of Three

I had three dates on the schedule for this weekend: my second date Friday night with The Musician and then 2 first dates on Saturday. The second date with The Musician went very well.  We were supposed to have dinner at a place not too far from where I live.  It was his choice.  I’d […]
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