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Updates for a Tuesday Afternoon

The guy I had plans with for tonight texted me at 3:11pm.  3:11pm.  We were supposed to meet for drinks at 7 (at an undecided location).  And this was supposed to be our first date (we made these plans last Wednesday and I hadn’t heard from him since).  He asked if tonight was still good […]
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Who Knows?

I think I have a date tonight.  A first date.  I think.  This guy asked me out last week.  He’d originally asked me out for last Friday but I was busy.  So he suggested tonight and I said yes. We left the details open.  He said he’d be in touch. Guess what?  I haven’t heard […]
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Sunny Afternoon

I had a very interesting date yesterday.   It was an outdoor/afternoon date.  We met at a coffee shop that was near a park and then walked to the park and sat outside. The guy (he’s going to need a nickname) got major points for planning.  It was pretty much the perfect plan for yesterday, because […]

I’m Looking For A Man

First let me admit than I’m a bit tipsy (I’m writing this Friday night, after my date, but setting it to post Saturday morning.  I do that a lot.  Write things the day before or days before.  It helps me with the whole posting every day thing.  There, now you know one of my secrets.).  […]
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I Just Don’t Know

I’ve had over 12 hours to think about it and I still have no idea what to think about last night’s date (OK, I was sleeping for at least 5 of those hours, but still).  I do, however, have a nickname for the guy.  That’s a no-brainer.  He’s Coach. I can’t tell you too many […]
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