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Laughing and Crying

The countdown has begun. In under 10 days I will turn 40. All things considered, I’m feeling pretty good about it. All things considered.  I’m not going to talk much about my birthday plans because, frankly, those are for my real life. The life that exists without social media. No tweeting, no facebook, no blogging […]

A Chat with Dad

My dad isn’t a chatty guy, in general. And he’s one of those people who hates to talk on the phone.  I can recall many times when I’d be on the phone with my mom and she’d call out to him (usually from one part of the house to the other, loudly, as I come […]

We Interrupt This Story for a Short Story

I had lunch today with an old friend. One of the nicest (nice in this context does not in any way equal bland) guys I’ve ever met. It’s been months since we’ve seen each other and I guess that’s my fault. We’ve made plans a couple of times and each time something work or health […]
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A Post-Thanksgiving Post

I didn’t spend Thanksgiving with my family this year.  Instead I chose to spend the day with friends.  We had a pretty traditional Thanksgiving meal and a wonderful and relaxing day. But unlike the friends I celebrated with, my family isn’t far away.  They’re local.  Less than an hour away, Well, I say “they” but […]
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