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Deserve’s Got Nothing To With It

I guess I shouldn’t admit this, but I haven’t made much of an effort to keep up with my online life, lately.  That’s an understatement. It would be closer to say that I’ve done a piss-poor job of it. Days go by and I don’t read email (from personal/blog-related accounts) or check twitter/facebook/etc. I’ve just […]

Older and Wiser

So the other day I posted this video by Garfunkel and Oates to my facebook page. People seemed to like it. Some of you might have missed it. Either because facebook is actually not a great way to share info (duh) or because we’re not facebook friends. What? How can that be? Seriously, I hate […]

Inappropriate Funk

So I’ve been in an inappropriate funk for the past few days. And I can’t seem to completely snap myself out of it. I’ve tried to stay laser focused on work. And that’s helped a bit. But there’s a sadness hiding behind the busy-ness. I found out, on facebook, that someone who used to be […]

A Nation of Prudes

OK, I gotta go there. Anthony Weiner is a moron. He was stupid enough to think that ANYTHING he said in a DM on twitter or a private message on facebook would be actually PRIVATE. Idiot. And for his stupidity, the voters of his district should have the pleasure of voting him out of office. […]

Team in Dating

I’ve been slacking on weekends, I know. But I have a fab new Guy’s Story for you to make up for it.  Today’s story is from SFSingleGuy, the author of the blog’s very first Guy’s Story. Team in Dating “Hi!”, said her message in my OkCupid inbox.  Attractive, brainy, and rides bikes.  That was a […]