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I got some disturbing news a couple of weeks ago.  Yet another one of the men from my not too distant past, a guy who “really, really liked me” but wasn’t looking for a commitment, is now in a committed relationship.  I now know of 3 who fall into this category from the last 4 […]
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I’m Just Not a Big Fan of Holidays

It’s Monday and it’s Memorial Day.  Usually on Mondays I write posts for the Best Date Spots section of the blog. But I’m not going to do that today.  I figured I’d use the holiday as an excuse to mix things up. I’m not a holiday fan, in general.  Although I do love the way […]
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Degrees of Separation

Dating in NYC is different than dating other places.  It just is.  It’s not better or worse.  It’s just different. I haven’t dated anyone who knew any of my exes in over 15 years.  And that wasn’t here in the city.  I was living in the UK then.  If I lived somewhere else, most other places, the […]
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Drawing Lines

I’m technically anonymous and the vast majority of you, my readers, have no idea who I am, what I do for a living, etc.  There are, however, some people in my life who know about this blog.  Most of them don’t read it, at least not regularly.  But a few do.  And most importantly, the […]
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Things You Don’t Want to Hear In Bed

I had a rather ambitious to do list for yesterday.  It was jam packed with things to do, things to write, things to read.  So, of course, I got less than 1/5 of it all done.  I got sidetracked early in the day when I made the mistake of taking a “few minutes” to surf […]