Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

And Then I Did It

Last week was so intense, full of so much drama. I couldn’t imagine, while I was in the thick of it, how it was going to turn out. And then on Saturday morning I had a chat with another one of my good guy friends.  Someone older and wiser.  The person who said, after things […]
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On Fridays I usually almost always frequently do list posts.  You know, 7 Reasons I Like... or 5 Things Men Should Do….  I do them because they tend to be popular. Today’s list(s) are going to be of an entirely different type.  Probably not as popular. First, an update, it’s been about 48 hours since […]
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A couple of things: I haven’t bothered to delete the nasty comments from the last two posts, even though they clearly cross the line.  I also have no intention to correct the many factual errors made.  Here’s what I will do, point out for the nth time that I can’t imagine how sad, pathetic and […]
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Dating Mind Meld

The other day I got an email from one of my favorite people, a really great guy friend (the one who’s an ex).  He was bummed.   The latest woman in his life turned out to be a total non-starter.  They’d had one date and plans for the second one and then everything fell to shit. […]

The Phone Rang

My phone has been acting weird for a while.  Freezing and stalling and yesterday it seemed to go completely bonkers (I should be more specific – my iphone.  I’m going to head over to the Apple store sometime tonight to see if they can figure out what’s wrong with it.)  I was wrestling with it […]
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