Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

Shame On Me

It’s after 1pm and I’m just sitting down to write my post.  Shame on me. January 2 and I’m already blowing one of my resolutions – take my blog more seriously. I’ve been preoccupied this morning with getting my new online profiles together (they’re not really “new”, just updated) and shopping for guys for Lucky […]

The End of the Story, aka How To Find A Great F*Buddy, Part 8

Eventually we found each other (online, just like the others).  We met on a weekend afternoon at a busy Starbucks with people bustling all around us.  Somehow we found a place to sit and talk (we were both working that day, I remember, and the Starbucks was convenient to both of our offices).  We were immediately […]

Long Strange Road

Long story short.  I just deleted the long version of the story, something I do occasionally, because it seemed to fall into that category of “too personal” plus dredging up shit that’s better left unsaid.:  M and I had a long talk Tuesday night.  It was nice enough once we got past the, “How are […]

It’s My Life

Let’s be honest here, I’m just muddling through this dating and relationship thing.  I try to, in any given situation, do what I think is right.  But sometimes I end up NOT doing what I know are the “right” things (based on what my head is telling me) because my heart is pulling me in […]
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He Was Sick, I Felt Stuck

So here’s a story I never thought I’d tell here.  It’s one of those too personal things (yes, I have a category of things that are too personal for the blog).  But then last night I saw this article in Your Tango about how men were more likely to leave their sick partners and I […]
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