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My Ex-Hookup T-Shirt Collection

Today’s guest post is by Kristen Nicole, dating coach and author of “The Single’s Survival Kit”, at She helps pull lonely singles out of their rut, and introduces them to real romance. My Ex-Hookup T-Shirt Collection I just finished taking a morning after shower with this guy I met last night. I’m standing in […]

No One’s Looking

Have you ever been having a perfectly pleasant conversation, and then all of a sudden someone says something that makes you realize OMG you really are an asshole? I have this vague memory. I was hanging out with a boyfriend. I was already starting to realize that he might in fact be a bad person. […]

The Lies We Tell Ourselves About Love

All kinds of things bounce around twitter. Quotes from famous people. Social media stats. Links to videos. And sometimes, random shit about love. Speaking of random shit about love, here’s a doozy: This was bouncing around a while ago. I grabbed it in a screenshot, knowing I’d want to write about it, sooner or later. […]

Blast from the Past: People Change

yeah, I know, I haven’t been around much…. I promise to get it together soon. People change, but not always the way we want them to. I’m just going to throw that out there as a starting point. I apologize if I’ve already told this story, or parts of this story. A long, long time […]

Self-Destruction at its Best

This is one of those posts I thought about not writing. For a couple of reasons. First, I have to admit to some poor behavior (which isn’t new, or even infrequent, but still it’s hard each time). And I have to share details, specific details, about someone else’s life in order to tell my story. […]