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WTF Bad Date?

I walk in and he’s there early.  Good start. For a while things are OK-ish. Truth is, I wasn’t really feeling much of anything. We met ages ago and couldn’t remember much about the guy. Just a few random biographical details. Anyway, things are going OK when all of a sudden things start getting weird. […]

Bottoms Up

Good morning all and welcome to Thursday. I’ve got a guest post for you all the way from the London, from the fab blogger Katy_Red  of All Sweetness and Life. Bottoms Up I had a date a few nights ago with a man. He was tall, attractive, had a lovely smile and nice shoes. He was […]

Sake + Gummy Bears = Love?

Happy Sunday everyone. No matter what kind of weekend you’re having, I have a Guy’s Story that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Guaranteed! Today’s post comes from the awesome blogger behind Yes Mom…I’m Still Single.  Enjoy! Sake + Gummy Bears = Love?   If you’ve ever read my blog, you can probably […]

The Straw, Part 2

Good morning folks. This week’s Guy’s Story is part 2 of The Straw from my twitter friend MemoirsOfASingleDad (@M_oa_SD). Click here for Part 1. The Straw Part 2 The Aftermath To understand the rest of this date, you have to know a little bit about martinis. Martinis at this particular establishment are served in a […]

In Praise of Sober Sex

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m SO late to this party.  It’s kinda sad.  Even for me.  I’ve been suppressing the urge to write about the “women need to get drunk to have sex” study since I first read about it 10 days ago.   I can hold it in no longer.  But I’ll get to that and […]
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