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How Many Alcoholic Drinks Do You Have On a Single Date?

This week’s poll is stolen, verbatim, from Glamour’s Smitten column. Yep, I’m that shameless. Seriously, I just thought it was an awesome idea for a poll and I wanted to use it.  Giving them full credit for the idea, of course. I’ve written, many times, about the fact that I’m a total lightweight. I don’t […]

One, Two, Three Dates – a quick update

As it stands now, I have 3 dates scheduled this week (none of which are with this guy, btw). I think that may be too much/too many, but these are all men I’ve been communicating with for a while. For weeks (I was out of town for weeks and “met” these guys online right before […]

Dozens of Dealbreakers (for Fun)

In my last post I said, in reference to someone who drinks a lot, “It’s one of those dozens of little things that make up my preferences and desires and dealbreakers.”   An anonymous commenter questioned the fact that I could have dozens of dealbreakers. Well, it’s a rainy night and I’m in a weird mood so […]
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You Are What You Drink

I admit it.  I’m part of the problem.  The newspaper business is dying and I’m one of the reasons why (OK – I know that the problems of the newspaper industry are far more complex than just the fact that more people are reading the online editions.  There’s the decline in ad revenues, the cost […]