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Is it too early to be disappointed?

It’s not particularly late on Tuesday morning and I still haven’t heard from the potential new man in my life/aka Mr. 3 Dates. We ended our date on Sunday night with a rather chaste kiss on my corner (he hasn’t yet made an effort to really kiss me, even though he’s said some rather grand […]


In response to a friend’s, “How are you?” earlier in the week, I responded, “Numb”.  I know I meant it at the time.  Completely.  But it’s taken me until today to figure out exactly what I meant by it (I’m slow like that). This is hard for me to write, btw. I knew, with all […]


So last night I got a call from this guy I’ve been flirting with via email. We first met online a few weeks ago and I have to admit that, despite myself, I was developing a little crush on him. He’s not the most attractive man I’ve met this year (or even this month) and […]
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