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You Get What You Ask For

This was a weird week for me.  As I’ve mentioned before, Lostplum and I dropped by the Thrillist loft several times this week for different parties.  The parties were fun, and they were an opportunity for me to socialize as Simone Grant, the dating blogger.  As opposed to, my other self, the freelance writer who […]
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7 Things I Love About Online Dating

Online dating has a bad reputation.  A really, really bad reputation. Recently, one of my readers mentioned to me (he was being very nice about it, and I’m not mocking him or taking that comment negatively) that perhaps I shouldn’t be wasting my time with online dating.  That I should be using my energy to […]
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Can I Have a Different Reward?

I was a in a lousy mood today (totally provoked, btw) and taking it out on my Twitter followers.  No, I’m not going to take it out on you, too.  I’ve vented enough.  Anyway, @derekscruggs saw me complaining and replied,”You know how the journey is the reward? Sometimes it’s the punishment too. :|” I’ve been […]
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Lawyer, Lawyer, Lawyer

I have a couple of special treats for us today.  It’s Sunday, so that means we get to enjoy another Guy’s Story.  I was blessed this with week by having two great guys submit their stories, so I decided to use them both, rather than hold on to one until next week. And hey, if […]
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7 Things A Guy Should Never Say Or Do On A Date

A few nights ago I met a friend for a drink at a bar around the corner from my apartment. It’s not a bar I go to often, for several reasons.  Anyway, he and I were talking and I mentioned that the last time I was there was several months ago on a bad date. […]