Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

No, I’m Not Kidding

It’s Friday night and I’m home alone.  No date.  In fact, I don’t have any dates planned for the whole weekend. That’s right.  You read correctly.  No dates for the whole weekend. Now, to be completely open, I did have plans with The GrownUp, but he needed to cancel/reschedule (He has a 17 yr old […]
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I was never into comic books.  I was a completely different kind of geek.  One of those teenage girls who listened to punk (it was the 80s – remember, I am old) and read thick french and russian novels (in translation, of course).  But I never got into comic books. So I never sat around […]
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Go Outside

My brain is a bit like a slot machine.  I have all of these random, moving parts in there and every once in a while they all line up and bingo, fruit – fruit – fruit, we have a match.  I have a coherent thought made from three otherwise disparate bits of information (hey, either […]

Dead to Me

This is going to be one of those long and twisty posts with lots of links.  I’m warning you now.  I promise you that there is a point (or two). I’ve become quite fond of Twitter.  I think I’ve mentioned that before. This morning @onedatewonder alerted her followers that she’d posted something new on her […]

10 dates in 3 weeks

I have a date in a few hours, nothing big, just a late afternoon coffee break. This will be my tenth first day in three weeks. I want to be clear here, this is nowhere near a record for me. I can recall hitting 5 first dates a week for a month solid a few […]
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