Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

Making God Laugh

What’s that old joke – How do you make God laugh? Make a plan. Well, as of yesterday morning I had plans to have a total of 5 dates this week.  The first was Sunday night.  Then I was supposed to have one last night (Wednesday).  One today.  One tomorrow night.  And one Saturday night […]

Second Thoughts (and 3rd thoughts)

I’m supposed to have first date tonight with the guy I had to cancel on last week because I was sick.  I was really excited about going out with him.  That’s pretty unusual as I try to keep my excitement to a minimum prior to first dates.  Hopeful-yes, excited-no. I figure it’s better to be […]
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5 Date Week

It looks like this might turn out to be a 5 date week, after all.  It’s not what I’d planned. I planned on it being a pretty mellow, 3 date week (all first dates).  But then today The Musician called and asked me for that 2nd date.  We’re playing phone tag right now, but I […]
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Not Enough Potential

Yesterday was one of those weird days when I thought the day was going to be all about one thing and it turned out to be about something completely different.  Early in the day, yesterday, I made up my mind to do something pretty big.  It was one of those, ‘throw a stick of dynamite […]

Gloomy Monday

I love to read.  I think I’ve mentioned several times that I’d rather stay home and read than be on a date with someone I don’t like a lot. So why am I mentioning this now?  2 reasons: 1) To reiterate that I don’t actually enjoy dating.  In fact, I dislike it intensely. I’ve stated this many […]
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