Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

So Much to Look Forward to

The situation with The GrownUp resolved itself shortly after I posted yesterday.  He emailed suggesting that we get together next Wednesday (I gave him a few days I was avaiable next week, and Wednesday was one of them.)  He proposed we go see a rather popular play and meet for drinks beforehand.   I said yes, […]
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I Am Officially Too Old For Games

I am officially too old for games. Really.  I am.  This isn’t a chronological thing.  It’s a state of mind.  And my mind is made up.  I. AM TOO. DAMN. OLD. FOR GAMES. I know there are people who think that dating is really one big game.  And that in this game there are winners […]

Dating Doesn’t Always Suck

Recently I received a comment, not sure from where or who, that it would be nice to read some positive stories on my blog.  I get that, I do.  And luckily I’m in a position to oblige. Yesterday morning I received a completely out of the blue, unsolicited email from The Musician. He left for […]
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Is There Something in the Water?

I like men.  I really do.  And I want to like dating. But sometimes the men I date make it virtually impossible to like them or dating. I agree with everyone who left comments.  The guy who was late on Saturday blew his chance. Enough said about that.  Sadly, he wasn’t the only man in […]
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Two Out of Three

I had three dates on the schedule for this weekend: my second date Friday night with The Musician and then 2 first dates on Saturday. The second date with The Musician went very well.  We were supposed to have dinner at a place not too far from where I live.  It was his choice.  I’d […]
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