Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.


I promise to write more later about all of this. The bad dater has earned a new nickname. He is now Mr. Potential. He gave me a really sweet kiss at my stoop (that’s what we call the steps to our buildings here in the Big Apple) as we said goodnight on Sunday. He then […]
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Plan for Tonight

Tonight I have a date with the freelancer (sorry – no link, am rushing this morning). After a few awkward phone calls I know that we are going out to dinner but I have no idea where or when so I’m working with the assumption that I might be going straight from work. I dress […]
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This week is getting wilder by the day.   I thought I’d post a quick update before bed. But first, I see I have a lot of new readers this week.  How cool.  Welcome to all of you.  Please let me know what you like best and least about the blog.  I am still figuring […]
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Another Day, Another Date

This’ll be a quickie as I’m dead tired.  I kind of wish I were an actual machine so that I could just replace my battery.  I need to be recharged. Anyway, last night’s date with bachelor #2 was good. I’m sorry, I’m too tired to deal with links now.  He’s the guy I’ve been flirting […]
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Date Machine

I feel a little like a date machine. Tonight’s date was actually pretty good. Another academic but this one was a science guy and he didn’t take himself too seriously. If it wasn’t for the rain and the too loud wine bar it might have even qualified as a very good date. He asked about […]