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Quick Dating Update

So I have a date tonight. I haven’t been writing about my dating adventures lately. Not because I’m NOT dating (although I’m not dating MUCH, comparatively speaking). But because I’m just bored with it all. Not the dating. But the same old story. Girl meets boy. Most likely online. They go out on a date. […]

“The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

“The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.” — Maya Angelou So I have a couple of short stories to share with you. And hopefully I’ll be able to tie them together in a coherent way.  Hopefully. Story #1)  A long, long time ago (in a world that seems far, far away but […]

And so we’ll see

Very short post this morning. A catch you up on dating stuff post. So, remember last weekend when I cried on that date? Days passed and I didn’t hear anything from that guy. So I kinda figured good riddance and was happy to move beyond whatever weird emotion he sparked in me (I was thinking […]

Is it too early to be disappointed?

It’s not particularly late on Tuesday morning and I still haven’t heard from the potential new man in my life/aka Mr. 3 Dates. We ended our date on Sunday night with a rather chaste kiss on my corner (he hasn’t yet made an effort to really kiss me, even though he’s said some rather grand […]

Empty Relationships, Kinda Like Empty Calories

Yesterday I wrote about a conversation I had with a friend about my ideal man (and not a single one of you mentioned the picture of a robot I used to go with the post – it was a joke people, my ideal man = robot, sheesh). One of the many other things we talked […]