Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

I Know My Faults

One of the good things about getting older, I’m finding, is that I’m learning more about myself. Sitting here at 38 I can honestly say I have a pretty good idea of what my strengths and weaknesses are, and what I need to work on. That goes for all kinds of things:  dating, work, family […]
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Dysfunction Junction

Wow.  Just wow.  Last night I sat down to write about good daters. And I did, just not as coherently as I would’ve hoped.  Somewhere in there I took a major tangent (or two).  I guess I had a lot on my mind and wasn’t really all that focused while I was posting. Well I […]
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Good Daters and Bad Daters, Part 1 – The Good

I guess you could consider this a follow up post, as I’ve brought up the topic of good daters and bad daters before (most recently here and here ). I think it’s a topic that could use some further exploration.  Tonight I’m going to write about good daters. I’ve gone out on a lot of dates in […]

Gosh, I’m a Loser

I always say it’s stupid to get your hopes up.  I’ve chastised friends for getting excited about first dates with people they’ve met online.  I mean, the chances of the person being even half as cool in person as they seem online (and/or over the phone) are just so slim. But here I am, completely […]
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I Was Warned

It’s the dating story I tell most often: It was a few years ago and I’d been going out on dates 3, 4, sometimes even 5 nights a week for months and yet somehow no one seemed to make it past the 3rd or 4th date. And I wasn’t being picky. Really, I wasn’t. A […]
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