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Dropping Fruit

I just got in from a late supper with Lostplum.  We were good tonight – burgers and fries but no booze so that we could both go home afterwards and get some work done. Earlier in the evening we attended the third session of Dating Bootcamp.   Tonight’s theme was, “How to Get a Guy” and […]
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Can I Just Say

3 Quick Things I have the coolest, most awesomest readers in the blogesphere I’m on my way out now to Dating Bootcamp and am wearing something which breaks their rules of “The Look Men Love” and you know what – I know I look hot.  So screw them. I cannot remember the last time I […]
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Top 3 Things I Learned In Dating Bootcamp (for real)

I’ve been having some fun, both here and on Twitter, poking fun at the Dating Bootcamp I attended for the past two weeks. I’m still a little shocked I was invited to attend.  I mean, I get they wanted dating bloggers but I am so totally opposed to the whole dating advice industry that I […]

Yeah, This Again

This was not at all what I had planned to write about today (Oh, and another quick apology for the late posting.  Lostplum and I went out for drinks last night and I was in no shape to write when I got home.  Truth is, I did do some other work late last night and […]
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7 Things Women Won’t Tell Men

Earlier this week I told you about that Dating Boot Camp I attended and the list they had of Things Men Won’t Tell You.  It got me to thinking of all of the things that I haven’t told men over the years, but wished they knew.   You know, the stuff that would actually make them […]